A Colorful Spin on Prom Attire

Spring is here and prom season is upon us. Right about now, suave young men everywhere are mustering up the courage to ask the girls of their fancy to be their date to the biggest social event of their high school careers. The next step? Planning what to wear.


The black tux look has been making young hearts swoon since the prom ritual began in the 1890’s. Since then, the dapper young man has donned a tuxedo or suit in black or gray, and matched his tie with the color of his date’s dress. This timeless ensemble ensures you against looking back at your prom photos in embarrassment over flashy cummerbunds and ruffled pink tuxedo shirts.


But few occasions are there in a young mans life to coordinate formal attire that showcases his own hip sense of style. And who says girls always get to pick the color? This prom season, ditch the black and go bold in colored suits and contrasting ties. Tuxedos generally work best in dark colors, like deep blue and burgundy (we don’t want a Dumb and Dumber situation). More adventurous colors like forest green, light blue, and purple work best with slim fitting suits. To tone down the color and add some contrast, try matching your jacket with a pair of black or gray bottoms.


If you choose the black tux look but still want to add a touch of your own unique style, try a patterned bow tie, like this Men’s Bow Tie in Aguas and Oranges. And remember, accessorizing is key. Don’t forget to add the final touches on with cuff links and a lapel corsage.

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