A Look Ahead: Predicting Tie Trends for 2014

A Look Ahead: What Direction Men’s Tie Fashion is Heading for 2014

Over the past few weeks we have been meeting with fabric designers in the US as well as Italy to build out a new spring and summer collection for 2014. Even though we are just starting to get into summer fashion for 2013, designers are already a year ahead – trying to predict trends, patterns, colors, and fabric styles. From our meetings with over  a dozen reputable tie fabric weavers and designers, we saw a common thread amoung the collections. Below are three tie styles that very likley will make a strong appearance in 2014.

Vintage Twills

Already present to some degree in 2013, vintage inspired fabric finishes will become main stream for 2014. Corser fabric blends that often blend silks with wools and even burlap are to be expected. Most designers paired this fabrics with skinny width ties and retro inspired designs such as graphic prints, and bold retro stripes.

Strong Contrasting Prints

By strong contrast we mean a very clear distinction of pattern and the background color. Instead of having a soft transition of the design to the background, we noticed that designers purposely wanted to make the designs “pop off” the background. It almost reminded us of wrapping paper. In terms of designs, florals and paisleys are likely to be the predominant choice for 2014.

Bold Plaids

Madras plaids are currently in style not just for shirts and shorts, but for neckties as well. The trend of boldly colored madras checks will remain for 2014, but instead of choosing just cotton as a fabric (as currently the case), most designers created unique blend of silk with either cotton or linen. Watch out for this style combination to become more mainstream for 2014. We at Mens-Ties have already build several collections.

Certainly we at Mens-Ties.com will feature at least one collection of the three styles mentioned above. We are currently in the process of sourcing fabrics and working with different neckwear designers. We expect to have our 2014 spring and summer collection available for purchase by mid December – just in time for the Holiday season.

Your Mens-Ties.com Team

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