Common Menswear Mishaps to Avoid – The Novelty Tie

Say No To Novelty Ties

Bad_Novelty_Themed_TiesFor fashion-forward men, the importance of having a wardrobe filled with high-quality ties simply cannot be overemphasized. After all, the right tie can help you to set yourself apart from others and can inject a great deal of personality into an ensemble. This being said, a lot of people don’t know how to accessorize with ties and make one of the biggest mistakes in men’s fashion – the novelty tie. Novelty ties are simply never a good idea at the office place unless it’s a satirical holiday party. Fortunately, there are a plethora of tie designs on that market that are the cat’s meow. Consider the following elements that make novelty ties so brazenly awkward and promise yourself to never wear a novelty tie.

Cartoon_Characters_TieCartoonish Ties
For whatever reason, a lot of people tend to embrace wearing ties that feature cartoon motifs. More often than not, these people are trying to get a rise out of onlookers, and there’s no doubt that this is an effective way of doing so. The fact is, cartoonish ties turn heads for all the wrong reasons as they epitomize the lowest bar of fashion. This is especially true of the novelty ties that feature actual comic strips on them. Cartoonish ties may be popular amongst certain niche groups, but fashion-forward men know that there is rarely a scenario in which they might be worth wearing. The one and only caveat for the cartoon tie is when it is gifted to you by someone younger than six years old. If you are gifted one by a son or daughter, you’re going to have to trump tacky and wear it at least once –or twice.

Bad_Metal_TieBad Fabrics
Believe it or not, there’s no shortage of novelty ties. One of the worst types of ties are the ones that are fabricated from strange materials with too many bells and whistles. No joking, there are a variety of ties out there that utilize strange materials to try and get their point across. For example, there are novelty ties that play songs when you push a button. Other novelty ties are made out of strange materials such as metal or plastic; the metal “washboard” tie that so many musicians seem to be fond of comes to mind. These ties are garish and unattractive, and do nothing to support an ensemble. While they might be suitable for gag situations, they have no place in men’s fashion ever.

Avoiding the Trend
Fortunately, avoiding novelty ties is a breeze unless they are gifted to you. Always steer away from ties that make noise, glow in the dark and that are made of materials that could puncture the skin. Instead, opt for elegant neckties that will support your ensembles through handsome color palettes and tasteful designs. You can be both bold and tasteful with your tie choices without turning to novelty ties to solve the problem. Large striped tie in modern bright hues are the best bet for adding a handsome dose of coolness to your wardrobe.

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