Emerald Green Ties

New Summer Trend Color for Ties: Emerald Green


It has almost been 6 months since color corporation Pantone announced “Emerald”, a bright shade of shamrock green, as their color of the year for 2013. And as they do every year, designers from all industries take notice. The same is true for the tie brands we carry. From Italian designer Cantucci, to french label Chevalier, by now every one of the six brands we carry features at least one Emerald green tie in its collection. Below, we picked out those three ties that particularly stood out to us. Read below the images for some tips on how to best pair each piece with the rest of your wardrobe. To see all our Emerald colored ties, please check out our assortment of Green Neckties.


Certainly, this solid emerald colored tie will make a statement. Simply put, there is no better way to embrace this trend color of 2013 than with this solid colored tie. It looks exceptional with a blue and navy colored suits and classic white dress shirt.



Tie designer Puccini paired the trend color Emerald with a preppy repp-striped design. If the solid colored tie above is to bland for your taste, then this might just be the tie for you. It is perfectly matched with all navy, tan, or gray suits. We also suggest accessorizing this piece with silver tie bar and classic white pocket hanky.



The busiest striped design of all our Emerald colored ties is another creation by designer Puccini. The buys striped pattern is best worn with simple solid white shirt and either suit in navy, or gray.

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