Fashion Tips for Commuters

Men’s Fashion for Daily Commuters

male-commuter-fashionFew guys are fortunate enough to both own a car and work someplace that’s just a quick walk away from the parking lot. A vast majority of men have one commute or another in a day’s work, which can make a daily fashion routine very troublesome. The morning and homebound rush crowds are rarely friendly to you and your clothes. Here are some ways to assemble transit-friendly ensembles that will make it to the office and back intact.

Keep It Sleek
Lack of space is easily one of the biggest issues when you commute, and even more of a concern when you ride with the daily commuter rush. Most public transit systems weren’t designed with personal space in mind, so you have to be extra careful with your style.

Try to stick to a streamlined silhouette when you’re dressing up. Minimalist pants, a slim shirt and a secured necktie (via a tie bar, of course) are all good ideas when dressing up to start your morning commute. Not only will you look better – notice how the descriptions also apply to smart office fashion – but you’ll travel better as well.

It’s a little more problematic when the months turn cold and everyone insists on wearing an additional layer over their office clothes. Tempting as it might be to wear something luxuriously plush, opt for sleek tech fabrics and abbreviated cuts. Fabrics that specialize in cold weather – tweed is an easy example – are also very wise style choices.

Keep It Comfy
Fashion sometimes comes at the expense of fashion, but that’s a sacrifice you wouldn’t want to make if you commute regularly. Commuting is partly about hauling yourself to your destination – something that’s made much harder by unaccommodating clothes.

Good fit is a crucial element in modern men’s fashion, but it’s even more critical when you’re a commuter. Too loose clothes will snag on random obstacles en route, while too tight pieces make walking, climbing stairs and sitting down more difficult. While your clothes are ideally slim and flattering, shop with some breathing room in mind.

A sensible pair of shoes is also a must for the daily commuter. As much as trainers (with suits, especially) are derided by fashion magazines, by all means wear them if you feel the necessity – just replace them with leather lace-ups at work. Loafers and rubber soled leather shoes are also excellent investments because they make the walking part of your commute that much easier and less strenuous on your poor feet – and are stylish to boot.

Keep It in a Bag
Most men tend to dump all the day’s necessities into their pockets before heading out the door for the day. It’s a doubly harmful practice: it creates these weird shapeless lumps in your pockets (effectively destroying that sleek, commute-friendly silhouette) and at the same time slowly deforms your pants or suit jacket where you dumped your stuff.

If you really need to carry so many things to work, you may as well bring a bag. The ‘man bag’ is really about as natural a guy’s accessory as, say, shoes or a necktie. It’s a practical style piece that you should really use when the need arises. Not only does it save your pockets from all that stress, but you also keep all your possessions from getting a good jostling around from everyone else on the train.

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