Guide to Brown Dress Shoes

Brown Dress Shoes Guide

mens-brown-dress-shoesAlthough the black lace-up oxford is the most popular shoe worn with suit and tie, the brown shoe can be fashionable alternative. Knowing how to match the brown dress shoe to shirt, suit, and tie will show your sartorial skills and set you apart from all the other uniforms in your office.

The Shoe Style
Although most dress shoes worn in business are the lace-ups, there are quite a few style choices available. The most classic of them all is the lace-up oxford shoe. Looking for something more decorative then you may want to opt for an embossed oxford shoe. Want something more modern Italian instead? Then there is the Monk-strap style – a shoe that replaces the laces with a decorative buckle. If these styles are too formal and bulky then there is always the loafer – a perfect style for a more casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Different Shades of Brown
There is only one shade of back – leaving little room for differentiation (at least in terms of color) for the classic black mens dress shoe. That is why the brown shoe is such a unique accessory. The shades of brown range from a light camel-tan to a reddish chestnut brown. Typically the darker the shade the more formal it will appear. Lighter shades of brown look best during the daytime, in sunny days, and when worn with lighter colored suit fabrics.

Matching the Brown Dress Shoe
The brown dress shoe looks excellent with light to medium gray, tan, and navy suits. The brown dress shoe is a must for the tan and beige colored summer suit! Therefore, if you plan on purchasing a tan colored suit, make sure that you also have a complimenting set of shoes and the matching brown belt. Light gray and gray flannel suits are also excellent for the lighter brown shoe (range of camel to light chocolate). Dark brown shoes and reddish maroon-brown shoes look best with navy suits and are more suited for the Fall season.

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