Guide to Mens Fashion Accessories

Men’s Fashion Basics: Wearing Accessories

mens-fashion-cufflinksHad you been born around the 1940’s, ‘accessories’ was most likely a term you’d only hear salespeople giving to the ladies. Men’s fashion, however, has become liberal and wide enough to let guys today have a lot more fun with what they wear. You have to admit, your style will surely be limited if all you have to work with are shirts and mens ties. Expand your range and enhance your appearance by adding a couple of things.

Glitter for Guys
MTV may have left you with the impression that jewelry is something that only rap stars and gangsters wear. This is a very popular misconception – unless you’re considering a shiny hubcap on a chain, which means your fashion sense needs checking.

The truth of the matter is that there’s a very wide range of accessories – jewelry, even – that’s worn by guys on a daily basis. Countless bracelets, necklaces, pins and rings (that aren’t wedding bands) fall into the category. They also run the whole scale, from the very formal to the technically casual to somewhere in between. There’s absolutely no reason for you to leave the house in just jeans and a t-shirt; add something fun and shiny.

Adding Accessories to Men’s Style
Despite the wide use of accessories today, a lot of guys are yet to grow comfortable with all the non-necessary clothing. To most males – even ones in the liberal West – it’s only the women who fiddle with accessories. It’s time to change all that.

Start working accessories into your wardrobe with a watch. It’s a perfectly neutral piece that has a functional side to it, too. Although a lot of guys today collect those $500 ones with all-metal bracelets and big ticket brands, there are countless more reasonably priced options on the market. A sleek and simple one with a clean leather strap should be a great place to start, since that kind of watch easily goes from casual daily wear to formal attire.

Once you pick up the accessory habit, move up to a necklace or a bracelet – pick just one. Either way you go, be sure to keep it slim, understated and elegant. Don’t worry if it’s not big and brand-name, because it will get noticed. That’s really the kind of effect you want: the accessory is present enough to be noted, but not conspicuous enough to be mentioned.

Know Your Limits
Boundaries are a big part of men’s fashion. You have to know when a pair of shoes is too casual, a necktie is too wide or a shirt is too loud. The same goes for accessories. You also have to develop a sense for when you have too much or too many on you.

The standard rule of thumb is to never wear more than two, and to always keep each and every item you wear simple and understated. Whether it’s a watch with a necklace or a bracelet with a decorative ring, keeping things to a maximum of a pair will ensure that you keep to the boundaries of style, and you never look like some drug lord.

Discover all the other accessories that are more than acceptable for the well-dressed man. Tie bars, tie pins and cuff links are all considered jewelry and looked upon with respect now that formal is in fashion. A watch with a recognizable name never hurt any guy’s reputation, either. In fact, it’s small details like these that can send very clear signals to others about what kind of man you are – and how you’re not to be trifled with.

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