How to Find a Good Custom Tailor

Choosing the Perfect Tailor

custom-tailored-mens-clothingSadly tailoring is no longer as prevalent a profession as it once was, and with the decline in the total number of tailors has come a decline in the total number of ‘good’ tailors. The crux of the issue lies with the fact that as good tailors become more and more difficult to find, men tend to forgo having their suits tailored in order to avoid the process of finding a qualified tailor. To avoid falling into the “off the rack” trap of not having your suits tailored here are some tips for finding your very own master tailor.

Six Steps to Find the Perfect Tailor:

  1. Ask around. Are there well dressed gentlemen that you interact with on a daily basis? If so take a moment to ask them who they use for their tailor. Most gentlemen enjoy bragging about the skills of their tailor and would be happy to pass along the information.
  2. Take recommendations with a grain of salt. Everyone’s preferences are different so you should never accept a recommendation as gospel truth. In fact get several recommendations and look at the big picture. Do you hear about one tailor from multiple people? This might be an indication that they are worth checking out.
  3. Knowledge is power. Learn about how a suit should fit and feel in order to make the best tailor decision possible. It’s important that you are able to have an educated discussion about how you want your suit tailored. It’s up to you to figure out if your potential tailor knows what they are talking about or not.
  4. View samples. Any good tailor will have samples of their work available for you to look at. Both picture and physical samples should be evaluated to judge their work.
  5. Is the customer right? It’s important that your tailor understand that you want your cloths worked on until you are satisfied. Some less scrupulous tailors will insist that jobs are done as soon as they say they are done, not when you are satisfied.
  6. Does your tailors schedule work for you? The better the tailor the busier they will be. Make sure that your potential tailor has enough room in their schedule to accommodate your work. The best way to do this is to order your alterations plenty of time in advance before you actually need them done.

Keeping these pointers in mind will help you find your very own master tailor that hopefully will grow into a many year relationship.

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