Mens Fashion Trends Spotted During NY Fashion Week

Spring & Summer Trends 2013 – Spotted at This Year’s NY Fashion Week

Surely, every season brings out new styles, colors, patterns, and cuts. While most of these are simply re-introduced from times forgotten, there are always a few new styles that are unlike anything else seen before. We at took a closer look at a several designers’ collections shown during this year’s New York Fashion Week. While most of these certainly could not be labeled as “revolutionary”, there are indeed a few trends that we believe will take off come early spring next year.Take a closer look at these designers’ and brands’ collections and pick out those pieces that suit your personal style. We bet all of these trends are here to stay!

Double Breasted is Back!
Several designers re-invented the men’s suit with a double Breasted cut. One designer that especially stood out to us was Michael Bastian. His suits were, although double breasted, slim fitted – perfect for the thin and tall man. Michael Bastian gave his DB suit a springy look thanks to the blue linen, and the light colored double row button. For more information please read our entire story on Michael Bastian’s Spring look.

Pastels on Everything
Bright and lively colors are always popular during spring and summer and this has not changed come spring 2013. What did change however is the range of clothing pieces available in these springy colors. Certainly J.Crew’s men’s collection for spring 2013 comes to mind here. From pastel loafers to the sport coat, this designer did not hold back in adding color into men’s spring wardrobe. For more information please read our entire write-up on J.Crew’s Spring 2013 look for men.

Skinny Tie Once More
By now almost every designer carries a collection of men’s ties in skinny width. Be it J.Crew, Michael Bastain, or Michael Kors, they all had models dressed in solid skinny ties during this year’s New York fashion week. Our tip: If you haven’t already done so, add a couple solid ties that range 2 to 2.5 inches in width to your collection.

Bold Patterns & Strong Contrast
If you are fan of bold patterns and strong contrast then your senses would have been delighted at this year’s NYC fashion week. One designer that stood out more than any other when it comes to pattern and contrast was Michael Kors. His bold black & white suit and shirt combination is still stuck in our heads. Please see our entire story on Michael Kors’ Spring 2013 look here…

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