Be A Mob Boss For Halloween With This Tutorial

How To Dress Like a Mobster / Mob Boss

Pin Stripe Suit

Toy Gun x 2


White Tie

White Pocket Square

Black Dress Shirt

Prop Cigar

Halloween is weeks away and you might be looking for a costume idea that allows you to be “The Boss.”  Command authority this Halloween Season by following these easy steps to dressing like a Mob Boss!   First, pick out a pin stripe suit from your closet or purchase one from a  thrift store or retail shop.  If you do opt to invest in a pin stripe suit that you want to wear, we recommend this one.  Otherwise, you can find inexpensive costume ones at second hand shops and / or Amazon. Accessorize with a wide white satin tie and white pocket square. We love the idea of embroidering your faux Mobster Name or Initials on the pocket square if you have time and enjoy DIY projects.  And the most important step next is to accessorize with toys guns and fake cigars or cigarettes. These props will contribute to your overall holiday swagger and make you the (Mob) Boss of of Halloween.




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