Our New Collection of Ultra Skinny Ties

Introducing Our Skinniest Skinny Ties


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There are skinny ties and then there are ultra skinny ties.  We are outrageously excited to introduce to you our skinniest of skinny ties with a width ranging from 2.375″ to 2.5.”  Each of these Limited Edition Skinny Ties is handcrafted which accounts for the small variance in size and the the wildly fashionable design and top quality craftsmanship.

All of these handsomely designed ties capture the ethos of modern menswear by reinventing traditional patterns with punchy colors and interesting fabrics. These ties vary but some are made from one hundred percent linen for a more casual look and drape.  Others are made from a classic seersucker blend of cottons and silks.  And others are made from world renowned silks from the Arte Seta Fabric Mill in Como, Italy. There is literally something for everyone in this collection of ultra skinny ties.

Plaid Tie in Red and BluesOrange and Green Skinny TieUltra Skinny Plaid Tie

Plaid Tie in Blue and BrownMadras_Plaid_Tie_OrangesLilac Plaid Skinny Tie

Trendy Skinny Blue Plaid TieSkinny Tie in Reds and Blues Skinny_Orange_Tie

Skinny Gingham Tie in BluesSkinny Gingham Tie in PinkTrendy Skinny Tie Gingham

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