NEW Silk Striped Skinny Neckties with Herringbone

Trendy Skinny Striped Neckties for All Seasons


What better time to introduce a new collection than just before the holidays! Get gifts for the worker bees in the family from Mens-Ties! This new collection features a trendy skinny necktie measuring at three inches with stripes and a herringbone pattern. With five different color options, there’s something for everyone! From classics like navy and gray to those who like to shine a little brighter in orange and lavender. Their versatile nature will make pairing a breeze. Shop all five neckties below!


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Mens Winter Style – Green and Navy Plaid

How To Wear Tartan Plaid Necktie

‘Tis the season for tartan plaid designs! One of our most popular ties is a big hit during the fall and winter months. With the rich hues in forest green and midnight blue it’s the perfect accessory for your favorite wool and tweed jackets. With the blended fabrics of wool and silk, this necktie offers a textured touch and feel which will only add to the essence of your holiday look. The width of three inches is slightly more narrow than our standard widths making any wearer a modern man. Get inspired by the three looks above. Shop the item below.

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The Look: Tartan Plaid Bow Tie

Blue Tartan Plaid Bow Ties and Trench Coat Mens Look

Shop this mens look perfect for all seasons! The tan trench coat can work spring, summer, or fall. The smart combination of the tartan plaid self-tied bow tie and pocket square paired with a brown tweed waistcoat makes a collegiate look. The addition of glasses makes for the ultimate business look ready to take on a stylish day at work. Shop the items below!

Trench Coat
Blue Shirt
Brown Waistcoat
Bow Tie
Pocket Square

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What To Pack For A Thanksgiving Trip

Must Have Items For A Successful Thanksgiving Trip

There’s nothing quite like getting ready for the holidays. First in the lineup is packing for an extended Thanksgiving weekend. Preparing for all activities can be difficult if you’re planning on bringing just a carry on or duffel bag. We put together a handful of items that can be versatile and useful for the upcoming trip. Choosing the outfit for the actual dinner should be first on the list. Finding pieces that are comfortable to endure the after-dinner-stretch but dressy enough to win Gran’s approval. A denim button up shirt with a unique necktie, we chose our navy bulldog tie, and a layering sweater to boot. What is more Thanksgiving-y than a fall toned sweater? Top the look off with a pair of corduroy pants that are traditional and just so happens to be back in style. If your family typically has a rousing Turkey Bowl, be sure to pack a rugby, polo shirt for the big game. When it’s time to settle in on the couch and watch your favorite football team, don’t let your feet be caught without a stylish set of patterned socks and slippers to achieve ultimate relaxation. Don’t forget to pack the essential flask in your favorite weekender bag. Shop the items below!

Denim Button Up Shirt
V-Neck Sweater
Bulldog Mens Necktie in Navy
Corduroy Pants
Mens Rugby Polo Shirt
Check Weekender Bag

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The Look: How To Pair Stripes

Skinny Striped Tie and Pinstripe Navy Jacket

It’s time to get excited about darker tones in your fashion roundup. That’s why we love this week’s featured look with two of the most popular colors in menswear, navy and burgundy. There is nothing more classic yet forever stylish than these two iconic colors combined. Choosing a pinstripe jacket in navy will add some contrast to your usual routine of solid jackets. Having accessories in varying stripes and a patterned pocket square will show your styling expertise. Keep it trendy with a sleek tie bar in silver. Shop the look below!

Navy Pinstripe Mens Jacket
White Dress Shirt
Mens Red and Navy Striped Tie
Mens Stainless Steel Tie Bar
Micro Dot Hanky in Burgundy

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Mens Classic and Colorful Tie Bars: Must Have Menswear

Tie bars are a must have accessory for every man! A life-saver for those who find themselves continually getting caught in doors or regularly finding your necktie acting as a sponge for coffee or water. Even if you don’t find yourself in this camp, tie bars are a trendy accessory that can add a little something special to your office wear. The sleek design is a simple way to up your style without trying too hard to make a statement. With our collection of tie bars for men, we offer a solid design in a variety of colors: silver, gold, brass, cherry red, royal blue, green, burgundy, and so much more! Get some inspiration on how to wear a tie bar below.

Shop our full collection of mens ties bars here.


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Color Trend: Shaded Spruce Menswear

As one of Pantone’s Fall and Winter colors for 2017, Shaded Spruce caught our eye for trending menswear clothing and accessories. A dark teal color that exudes depth and adventure. If you typically remain in the realm of classic blue and red, try branching out to a subtle, bold color such as Shaded Spruce. Perfect for fall and winter daily wear as well as popular for weddings with jewel palettes. Shop this color trend below!


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Skinny Neckties for Men: Geometric Plaid Design

Refresh your office wear with a necktie upgrade. This skinny necktie collection of geometric pattern design will bring about new options for your weekly rotation. The monochromatic color scheme features a textured design while not overwhelming with a plethora of tones. Each item is made from a durable and stain resistant microfiber material cut to a skinny 2.5 inches long. Due to the skinny width, we recommend modern fit jacket and shirts to create a jazzy combination perfect for any stylish man.



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Ultimate Casual Friday Mens Style: Must Have Knit Tie

Casual Business Menswear - Knit Necktie + Wood Mens Watch

Looking for the ultimate casual Friday look? Don’t pull out those frumpy jeans, but instead switch out for a relaxed, navy chino and a windowpane shirt. A knit tie is casual yet stylish. We love the brown accents in this look that bring out the casual appeal. The wood mens watch is an impressive accessory that people in the office will notice. Be sure to incorporate your favorite brown leather belt and tie bar. Shop the items below. Happy weekend!

Windowpane Shirt

Gray Knit Tie

Navy Mens Trousers

Wood Watch

Silver Tie Bar

Brown Leather Belt

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3 Types of Men’s Fall Style: Classic, Bold, Reliable

Pick Your Favorite Color Palette for Fall


The colors of Autumn feature a richness and depth that often gets passed over during spring and summer for the pastels and bright hues. We concluded there are three types of fall style we’d like to identify when it comes to men’s fall fashion: classic, bold, reliable.

The first group hails from a generation of wool and tweed jackets, the essence of fall style. When the leaves start to change, that means it’s time to change the fabrics as well. These menswear enthusiasts find their joy staying within their comfort zone of dark classic tones of brown and green. Which, we concur, there is nothing more classic than a brown necktie and tweed jacket.

Harvest Gold |  Barleycorn Brown  |  Dark Forest Green

The second group enjoys the dark hues in fall time but that doesn’t mean they don’t like distinct color. With jewel tones taking over weddings, menswear has been influenced as well by this trend. The term “jewel” gives the perception of mystical royalty, when in reality it’s summer tones presented with a darker intensity. These bold colors go well with navy and black jackets.

Dark Magenta  |  Grape Purple  |    Sycamore Green

Lastly, the third group of fall enthusiasts keep to their year-round regulars. Gray and blue are some of the most popular colors for neckties and can be worn throughout all seasons. While accessory colors might not change based on seasons for a person with this preferential group, often the textures and materials do. A wool or textured tie can be the final touch to a reliable autumn masterpiece.

Herringbone Silver  |  Royal Blue  |  Midnight Navy Blue

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Wear This For Fall: Moss Green Menswear

Moss Green Neckties and A


Moss green is the color to wear this season. Trending in menswear, high fashion, and fast fashion is this perfectly fall tone. A muted light green color that is best displayed with counterparts in grey, brown, or navy. We’ve found some of the top moss green menswear items currently sweeping stores.

Quilted Bomber Jacket

Relaxed Mens Chinos

Linen Blazer

Fall Leaf Socks

Solid Silk Moss Green Tie

Plaid Dark Moss Green Tie

Winter Moss Old Skool Vans

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Must Have Pocket Squares For Your Corduroy Jacket

Mens Pocket Squares For Fall and Corduroy

Is your corduroy ready for the upcoming season? Not only is this warm fabric trending in jackets, but also pants, shirts, and hats! Finding the perfect styling companion for this classic piece of menswear is the final step in creating a perfect fall outfit. Our stylist has chosen four pocket squares that will give your jacket the final oomph of confidence it needs. We also chose a classic J Crew striped shirt as the foundational counterpart.

Golden Yellow Floral Hanky

White and Dark Cherry Red Linen Pocket Square 

Classic Paisley Burgundy Pocket Square

Navy and Yellow Floral Hanky

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The Look: Vintage Pecan Brown Wool Tie

Fall Mens Style - Vintage Brown Necktie and Check Pocket Square


Get ready for an unusual menswear pairing that you might just enjoy. A light brown, “pecan” colored necktie made from a blended silk and wool fabric will add distinction to any suit in black or navy. While this initial combination doesn’t seem so strange, wait there’s more. The next addition of a noteworthy bold gingham check pocket square paired to the vintage toned tie is what catches our eye. Teaming up dots and checks takes a menswear master, but this looks rises to the next level! Choosing an off-white shirt makes the look not so board-meeting-boring, but engaging and unique. As always, pick out a watch that accents your look. Shop the items below!

Midnight Blue Mens Suit

Spread Collar Dress Shirt

Mens Vintage Necktie in Pecan Brown

Modern Gingham Check Pocket Square

Silver-Tone and Leather Watch

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Color Pairings: Fall + Winter Menswear Outfits

Gray and Orange Fall and Winter Looks For Men

Earlier in the spring we featured a few different trending color palettes for Spring/Summer 2017. With Fall headed our way, we’re ready to dive into warm tones and palettes for the cooler months of the year. To inspire and get you ready for your styling needs, here are four looks that ooze all the feelings that come with crisp leaves, hot toddies, and warm feelings all over. Orange, gray, brown, indigo, burgundy, and olive green are topping our list of must have tones in these upcoming seasons. Which look is your favorite?

Check out our featured Autumn and Fall neckties!

Green and Navy Mens Fall Outfit

Burgundy, White, Gray Fall Menswear Trends

Brown and Olive Green Tweed Look for Mens Fall and Winter Fashion

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Boys Neckties For Fall and Winter

Boys Neckties for Fall and Winter

Fall weddings are just around the corner and with that comes the need to dress ring bearers in all the festive attire. At we offer a wide selection of boys neckties. These ties are made to fit ages 5 to 11 or up to a height of 4’11” – 5′. They measure at 47-48 inches in length which is 10 inches shorter than our regular adult neckties. The widths are slimmer too at 2.5 inches rather than a standard adult width of 3.5 inches. Each tie is self tied and does require tying. Take this opportunity to teach your young one the skill of tying a tie!

This collection of neckties for boys features a solid color with a monochromatic texture adding distinction from plain solids. The shiny satin finish creates an elegance that will only add to any ring bearer’s charm. We’ve selected some favored palettes within this collection for fall and winter. Popular colors in fall and winter tend to lean toward darker tones. Violet, burgundy, crimson red, navy, and black are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fall and winter weddings. All of these items are also available in matching adult ties so the groom and groomsmen can dress to match the youngster.

Boys Tie in Violet Grape

Boys Necktie in Classic Burgundy Red

Boys Garnet Red Necktie

Boys Classic Blue Solid Necktie

Boys Necktie in Solid Black

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