The Look: How To Wear A Red Necktie

Get This Mens Look - Vibrant Red Floral Necktie and Pocket Square

Wearing a bright red color can be an intimidating foe for any menswear enthusiast. The intense tone can become too much when worn with all the wrong things. That’s why we love this look of a plaid blue jacket with the matching tie and pocket square. A bold, yet pleasantly paired combination. While this outfit sports two varying patterns, the fact that the tie and pocket square are identical decreases the overwhelming red factor. How do you like to wear red?



Red Floral Necktie

Red Floral Pocket Square

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New SUPER Slim Neckties

It’s the season of new neckties! Introducing a line of super slim neckties with geometric weave pattern in four electric colors! If you’re looking to make a statement, search no further! This eye-catching collection displays an ultra skinny width of 1.5 inches. Made from a quality silk material and a shiny satin sheen, your style will stand out with a modern fit suit. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!



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The Look: Olive Green Necktie + Pocket Square

Get creative with your style this season while relying on the trends of years past. We love this week’s featured look due to its mixing of patterns but also admire the use of a vintage color palette and design! The olive green necktie with geometric pattern in red and yellow is not an item you seen worn everyday. The subtle striped gray dress shirt is a great combination for the well dressed man. A sophisticated look that’s stands out  among the other solid white shirts. For the ultimate appeal, a pocket square is a must! Pairing a solid will add to the look without overloading on patterns. Shop the items below! 


Striped Shirt


Tie Bar

Pocket Square

Olive Designer Necktie

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New Skinny Paisley Neckties – Fall Style For Men

It’s that time of the year when we switch out the peppy colors of summer for the rich hues of fall. Just in time for this splendid turn of the seasons are a new addition of paisley neckties to our ever expanding collection. This assortment features a trendy skinny width made from 100% silk with the large scale paisley necktie in eye-catching color combinations. Bold designs lead to more reserved style in other areas of an outfit’s building blocks. Due to the ties’ bright and striking flair, we recommend a solid dress shirt and dark trousers. Don’t take our word for it! See for yourself.


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Wear This: Men’s Polo Shirt

Wear This - Men's Polo Shirt, Jacket, and Pocket Square

In recent years, polo shirts have received a stigma for being hardcore “Dad Style”, and not in the good way. The iconic shirt has been used for school uniforms, farmer-tanned golfers, and embarrassing company shirts which has given way to a generational aversion to the style. While Ralph Lauren’s campaigns make you wanting to rock the preppy look, it takes a step of confidence to break out the ribbed collar for the first time beyond the comfort of your backyard barbecue. Emerging from the menswear fashion scene, a resurgence of youthfully designed polo shirts. With casual office wear taking over businesses, polo shirts have even been spotted with blazers and pocket squares. If you’re not ready to try this out at the office, make like Wimbledon and break in the style with a round of tennis. We’ve curated some new and old styles and designs for your polo shopping pleasure.


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Summer Essentials For the Cool + Collected Man

The Best Summer Items For Men

Men’s Navy Blazer

White Button Up

Tan Chinos

Blue + Green Gingham Check Skinny Tie

Gray + White Polka Dot Pocket Square

Mens Loafers



Wood Grain Watch

Perfect your summer style with a few tips from our list of menswear summer essentials. The best thing about the warmer seasons is to show off some distinct fashion pieces. The neckwear accessories stand out because the world is exploding with colors. Pick and choose the best fabrics in cotton, linen, and other lightweight options. Our stylist has picked out some popular items that are ideal for summer. What are your go-to items?

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Men’s Summer Style – Linen Neckties

Mens Style Tip - How To Wear Linen Neckties

Part of our expansive summer tie collection is an integral group of linen neckties. A popular option for spring and summer due to its lightweight touch and feel. With the fashionable matte finish, fabrics and styles can easily be mix and matched. Being worn most often during the warm seasons, linen neckwear can often be found in bright colors and designs. See some of our popular items below!


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The Look – Modern Vintage Men’s Style

Mens Dapper Vintage Necktie + 3 Piece Suit

You read that right – modern vintage! What sounds like an oxymoron is trending in menswear these days. This featured look has a modern feel but is really giving a nod back to the style of generations before. The monochromatic combination of the navy waistcoat and blazer makes the vintage geometric orange necktie stand out! This color can be difficult to wear but is the perfect match for this midnight blue pairing. The collar bar is a stylistic preference that we think looks great! Shop the items through the links below.


Suit Jacket


Collar Bar

Men’s Vest

Golden Orange Vintage Necktie


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Men’s Weekend Away Essentials – Modern Man Necessities

Modern Man's Necessities For The Weekend

Planning a weekend away for the upcoming holiday? Don’t forget the most important details that will make your weekend style a success. The classy weekender bag is a non-negotiable for the stylish dapster. This leather/canvas duo is quintessential for any true lover of sartorial fashion. A lightweight, versatile, blue button up shirt with a classic designed necktie will go the trick for any occasion. Don’t forget your skin needs behind when you traverse across the state or country, remember to throw in your face’s best friend for the trip. Shop the items below!

Glen Check Necktie
Sky Blue Mens Shirt
Weekender Bag
Hydrating Ointment

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Popular Solid Colors Now Available in Self Tied Bow Ties

Popular Mens Solid Self Ties Bow Ties

We have some exciting news for all the bow tie lovers! We’ve expanded our self tied bow ties to include some of the most popular solid colors. Show off your style sense and your know-how with this iconic menswear piece. Need some help learning to tie a bow tie? Take a look at our easy guide on How To Tie a Bow Tie. Click on the photos below for a larger image and description.

Marine Blue Bow Tie in Self-Tie StyleSelf Tied White Silk Bow TieSelf Tied Mens Bow Tie in Bright RedSelf Tied Bow Tie in Light BlueFreestyle Bow Tie in Solid Navy BlueSelf Tie Bow Tie in Bright Emerald Green


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Featured Collection: Geometric Floral Foulard Neckties

Featured Collection - Mens Foulard Neckties in 6 Colors

Ready to reach your fashion potential this summer? Our featured mens necktie collection will get you ready to be on top of your styling game. The foulard silk necktie in a geometric floral pattern will add a new dimension to your work wear. The eye-catching color combinations will pop with your suits like never before! The six options gives you endless pairing possibilities. Find your favorite below.

Alaskan Blue Print  |  Petal Pink + Blue

Golden Yellow + Blue  | Cream + Navy Print

Navy + Blue Foulard  |  Navy + Orange Print

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Wear This: Harrington Jacket


Styles come and go but there’s much to be said about the trends that stick around for generations. The Harrington jacket is a time-honored item that has graced the menswear world for decades. It’s not difficult to see why! The classic design and versatility means the wearer’s style will always be on point, no matter the occasion. Ergo, James Bond looking smashing while he’s uninhibitedly catching bad guys. We’ve seen these items are catching back on and we’re 100% on board. What are the best neckties to wear with a jacket such as this? We’re glad you asked! Due to its classic nature, the most appealing accessories to wear with this jacket are also classic in design. Some surefire-wins are regimental stripes or solids in red, navy, or black. Here are five of the most popular Harrington jackets available now ranging from  $100 – $1155. From the original Baracuta’s G9 that made the coat popular to the Prada’s updated rendition of this classic item. See the items below!


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Father’s Day Gift Guide For The Classic Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide For The Classic Dad

Father’s Day 2017 lands on June 18. With only 3 weeks left to find this year’s perfect way to show your love and appreciation for Dad, we decided to put together a guide for the ‘Classic Dad’. Forget the overused high gadget tech toys, the Classic Dad desires objects that will increase his ability to hone his crafts and passions. There’s nothing more classic than letting him show off his long-standing style with a brand new necktie, a standard but classy watch, an upgrade on his trimmers, and textbook cologne like Polo Ralph Lauren. Besides style, gift him the tools to explore further into his interests. Whether that be a biography on an iconic anchorman, a charcoal smoker for the summer barbecues, or new drills for his shed. Shop our picks below!

Cream + Blue Medallion Print Necktie  |  Wool Textured Tie in Dusk Blue

Leather Watch with Rose Gold Case  |  Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne

Work Tool Themed Cufflinks  |  Beard + Mustache Trimmer

Yeti Stainless Steel Rambler  |  Walter Cronkite Biography

Charcoal Smoker in Army Green  |  DeWalt Cordless Drill


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The Look: Business Casual Tie-Less Outfit

Shop The Look - Business Casual Menswear

Trending in menswear is the business casual and athleisure look. A mixing of business attire with casual, sometimes even athletic, appeal. Our featured look this week showcases many items that are currently on top of the leader board in men’s fashion. White trainers from Converse, Adidas, and Stan Smith are at the top. This clean and basic shoe will make a suit look instantly more casual. This can be an easy win for the man who likes to dress up for work but also enjoys comfort. Trending at number two is the navy suit jacket or blazer. Quite possibly the most iconic and versatile piece of menswear, a navy jacket is a must have for the well dressed man. While it’s rare to see a blue-on-blue jacket and shirt combo, we think this works! The casual nature of the look and the pairing of khaki chinos pulls it all together. We at Mens-Ties are of course in full support of neckties being worn on the regular, but we understand that sometimes you need to loosen up a bit. The standout accessory to this look is the mustard paisley pocket square. Instantly catching your eye, it completes the outfit and gets the award for Most Valuable Player. Shop this full look through the links below!

Navy Blazer

Navy Dress Shirt

Black Braided Belt

Mustard Paisley Pocket Square

Tan Chinos

Men’s White Trainers

See all of our men’s pocket squares here!

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Featured Collection: Navy Knit Ties With Square Color Ends

Featured Collection - Navy Knit Tie with Colored Square Ends

The navy necktie is possibly one of the most iconic and classic pieces of menswear. The knitted necktie takes the timeless item and turns a look more casual and trendy. While we have the solid knit navy necktie option, we also have this collection of ties with colored square ends in 6 different choices. Even with the colored tip, these knit ties have all the characteristics of why we love navy so much. For some slight differentiation and an added pizzazz for your favorite jackets, shop the ties below!

Navy Knit Neckties for Men with Square Ends

Red  |  Blue  |  Yellow
Green  |  Pink  |  Silver

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