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The Sole Of Any Good Look Comes Down To The Shoes and Ties

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Having a signature shoe style can be the perfect foundation  for establishing your style!  You can be a traditionalist and stick with the basics or you can be adventuresome and branch out to the wilder designs. – It truly is up to you.   Thinking about your business attire everyday should come down to the shoes you wear and the tie or bow you want to wear.   Any of us who have to wear a suit and/ or trousers to work each day, know the obstacles of trying to look somewhat different each day of each week of each month. It’s exhausting!

Not all of us are inclined to owning tons of suits. That’s where the power of accessorizing comes in. You can give new life and a new look to a suit with each shoe and accessory you pick.  For example, a regimental tie and brown oxfords paired with a charcoal suit has an entirely different look than a charcoal suit paired with a yellow skinny tie and yellow suede brogues.  Rather than starting each morning thinking about the suit, think about the tie and shoes you want to wear. This strategy will make your morning routine faster, more successful and definitely more fashionable.

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