Simple Silk Tie Cleaning Tips

Solving Necktie Emergencies

how-clean-silk-tiesThe necktie is quite literally at the front line of men’s fashion. As one of the topmost pieces on any formal or office outfit, it’s also one of the most exposed to the elements. Water, dust and grime are just some of the threats that your tie has to face and survive each and every day. It’s inevitable, then, that your necktie will get dirty or soiled at one point or another. Here’s how to deal with some of those possible crises.

Water Spills
It might sound very harmless, but a water spill on a silk necktie – and most everything else, really – can ruin a boardroom-bound outfit. There’s little risk of permanent harm, but your office ensemble won’t be presentation worthy for the next couple of hours.

A handkerchief, tissue or some other absorbent material should be your first response. Get as much of the water off from the textile while it hasn’t gone all the way through yet. Some time with a blow dryer should help speed up the drying process; either the hand held version or the office bathroom variety should do the trick. The primary goal at this point is to maintain air circulation at the spot to facilitate evaporation.

Perhaps the most difficult time is that point where it’s not glaringly wet any more, yet is still visibly damp. Direct heat is the fastest way to get rid of the evident moisture – as well as the surest way to mess up the silk. Work around this by wrapping your tie in some cloth (try a spare tee) and then applying medium heat with a flat iron. Not only will this get rid of the stubborn wet stain, but should also knock out stubborn kinks and wrinkles.

Food Mishaps
Neckties are so often involved in formal events, which also typically include food and eating. It’s the starting point of some of the most pressing fashion problems that men face. How do you proceed at a party when there’s a great big splotch on your tie, the most visible part of your outfit?

Your first reaction should be to try and minimize the damage. You don’t necessarily have to remove the necktie, as long as you can put the affected area on some flat surface to keep the liquid or stain from spreading. Using a clean piece of cloth (try the napkin, or your handkerchief) dab at – and don’t dare wipe – the stain on the silk. This localizes the damage to just the area that’s already been affected.

The one thing you should never do is to try some DIY necktie cleaning. This is probably the most harmful idea you could have, especially when dealing with formal silk ties. Like the rest of men’s fashion, much rests on how you care for your ties.

Only a trained specialist with the right chemicals and equipment should actually give the silk necktie a full cleaning. Regular detergents and the usual washing routine are usually too harsh for the delicate fabric. Ask your favorite dry cleaner if they offer the service; not all will be able to take on such a sensitive job.

Neckties are a very crucial part of formal men’s fashion. It’s hard to get by at a formal or dressy event when you don’t have one or, worse, the one you’re wearing has been soiled. You might not be able to restore your tie back to its formal glory right away, but you sure can do enough to have something to wear for the rest of the evening.

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