The How To’s of Winter Layering In Menswear

Fight the Winter Chill in Style With These Menswear Tips

Fashion For the Cold

Winter has arrived and we’re feeling the chill.  But don’t fret, we’ve come up with some menswear layering inspiration ideas that we can all emulate with the things we own.  We know it’s easy to opt for a sweatshirt and a patagonia jacket when the temperature drops, but fight those inclinations and opt for something more stylish, dapper and menswear savvy.

Cashmere Sweater and Tie

The best way to attack winter fashion is to layer.  We love this combination of a knit tie, a cashmere sweater and a glen check blazer with a solid navy blue pocket square.  This look works tremendously well because of the sharp and concise color palette of greys, whites and navys.

Winter Accessories for Men

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Embrace the comforts and styles of wool. It’s the most fashionable cold weather fabric and it mixes handsomely with so many things. We love the combination of earth tones in this look as well as the combination of textures with the cotton button down, the knit tie, the wool blazer, the patterned silk pocket square and the leather gloves.  The coordination of the brass hardware and the color tone of the tie is also first class.

Top Notch Layering in Menswear

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If  your professional style has more edge to it than a tweed suit allows, you can still look polished and urban in winter wear. This modern color palette of blacks, denims, navy blues and whites is sharp and sleek.  We especially love the fine accessorizing of the patterned polka dot bow tie, the patterned silk scarf and the classic white pocket square.

Skinny Tie Fashion

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Another popularized approach to layering your winter pieces is staying monochromatic. This look of layered blues is a highly successful and fashionable and you can opt for either a white, blue or black shirt.

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