The Look: Pastel Yellow + Blue Menswear

Spring Menswear: Skinny Yellow Striped Tie + Floral Pocket Square

Blue and yellow, what more could one want from a menswear palette? The dynamic contrast of light and dark create a stimulating landscape that will work year round. It just so happens that our featured look has all of those elements! The mix of stripes and floral design demonstrates the skillful pairing range of an experienced menswear aficionado. Be sure to work in earthy tones such as tan and cream to darker hues of grey and blue to give a balanced look. Shop the items below!


Men’s Navy Dress Shirt

Yellow Tie With White + Black Stripes

Floral Navy Pocket Square

Tortoise Round Glasses

Silver Casing Watch

Men’s Leather Belt

Leather Key Piece

Skin Care Product

Men’s Clarks Shoes

Yellow + Blue Striped Socks

Blue Chinos


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