Trending Winter Menswear – Camel Overcoat

3 Looks for Mens Camel Coats


This year in men’s winter fashion, the battleground is being fought for the best coat. Depending on what is most important to you: warmth, durability, all-purpose, looks, etc., may change the product you end up purchasing. We’ve found the comeback of the overcoat and topcoat have taken men’s fashion by storm! Take a look at our 3 favorite ways to style a camel overcoat!

Look 1:
Black Turtle Neck
Black Pants

Look 2:
Blue Shirt
Red and Brown Plaid Necktie
Brown Pants

Look 3:
Blue Suit
White Shirt
Red Knit Necktie

Style Tip – Don’t forget to work in earth tones while wearing your favorite black, grey, or blue items.


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