If you want to learn how to tie a tie, then our video tutorial will be perfect. Below are four popular ways to tie a man’s neck tie. To guarantee a success we suggest you watch the video once or twice, print out our how to tie a necktie illustrations, and then go to a mirror and practice. Tying a tie has never been easier.

The Easiest Way to Tie a Tie: The Four in Hand Knot

The so-called "4-in-Hand" tie knot is one of the simplest and most common ways to tie your neck tie. It is small in size, requires little of the tie’s length, and is suited for any occasion, tie design, as well as most collar styles. It is also a perfect knot for skinny ties.

A Larger Tie Knot: The Double Windsor Knot

The double Windsor is much larger than the four in Hand, and it is also more symmetrical. If you want a larger more triangular shaped knot then the double Windsor is perfect. It is also the right knot for so-called “cut-away collars”. Tying the double Windsor will require a bit more practice. Also, since the double Windsor requires a bit more of the tie’s length, we suggest that men taller than 6 foot 1 inch tie the double Windsor using extra long ties.

Asymmetric yet Classy: The Half-Windsor

If you already know how to tie a double Windsor, then the slightly smaller and a bit irregular “half Windsor” will be easy. It is literally half of the full Windsor. It is best suited for medium spread collars as well as thicker ties worn with a wider spread cut-away collar.

Tie a Tie with a Dimpled Knot: The Pratt Knot

Although not often talked about, the Pratt knot should get more attention. It is medium in size, it is symmetric, and it is a knot that easily dimples a tie. For more information you may also want to read our guide on How to Dimple a Tie.

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