Every man eventually has to learn how to tie a tie. Even if the necktie is not part of your daily work attire, knowing how to tie a tie is a skill any man must know. We at Mens-Ties.com made tying a tie easy.

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How to Tie a Necktie

Knowing how to tie a necktie is just as important as knowing how to tie your shoes. We at Mens-Ties.com made it easy for you to learn all the popular ways to tie a necktie. Besides the popular double Windsor knot and the simple & classic Four in hand knot, we have instructions on more exotic ways to tie a necktie. Click on our instruction guide on how to tie a necktie above and we will give you an overview on the six most popular necktie knots. For more tie a tie help please also visit our tie a necktie video instructions.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

While neckties are much more common than bow ties, the true bow tie lover will insist on tying his own bow. If you prefer to wear a self tied bow tie to the next black tie event then our instructions will help you master this skill. Click on our guide on how to tie a bow tie above for our simple to follow illustrations.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

The pocket square is a perfect fashion accessory for the well dressed gentleman. Just as there are many choices on tying a tie, there are different ways you can fold a pocket square. We at Mens-Ties.com created a tutorial for the five most popular ways to fold your pocket squares. In addition to folding instructions we have tips on how to match the pocket square fold to the pocket square style as well as the dress code.

How to Make a Dimpled Tie Knot

True tie aficionados will tie their neck tie with a dimple at the center of the tie knot. This crevice on top of the knot adds nice texture to the fabric as well as adds intricate detail to your ensemble. Learn how to tie a tie with a dimple – a skill that differentiates the tie aficionado from the necktie rookie.