Defining Business Casual Attire

Sooner or later you will attend a meeting calling for a business casual dress code. Instead of showing up overdressed, or running the risk of being too casual, this guide will help you find the perfect ensemble for the occasion.

Business Casual Basis

Business casual is a dress down version of suit and tie. Your pants should be freshly pressed slacks. Great are tan, beige, or khaki colored trousers. You may also simply use your suit pants. Best are button up collared dress shirts. A slightly more casual, but also acceptable approach is the short sleeve polo shirt. Regardless of the shirt you choose, make sure it is clean and wrinkle free. Your shoes should be leather dress shoes or loafers in either brown or black. In most cases you do not wear a jacket that could cover any blemishes. The shirt should be tugged in. A suit jacket, sports coat, or blazer is a good choice, but is not required. Neckties are not worn for a business casual meeting. Instead the top button of the dress shirt is left open.

What to Avoid

The biggest Faux Pas for business casual attire are jeans, shorts, sandals, tennis shoes and tennis socks, non collared shirts, as well as wrinkled and/or stained clothing.