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Brand New Spring Collections 2018

We are excited to feature dozens of new neckwear collections for spring 2016. What is new are bright pastel colored ties, intricate floral prints, seersucker ties, as well as fancy cotton ginghams, and solid linen ties. 

Spring Tie Colors

A good indicator of what color suits which season is nature itself. It is not surprising that fresh greens, lively yellows, bright blues, as well as any pastel shade in orange, lavender, and pink is a perfect match for the Spring season – regardless of the year.
New for the Spring season are bright purples, corals, as well as vivid oranges. Above is the latest collection of ties from many well known European designer brands for the Spring season. For more information, including matching tips, please click on your favorite men’s tie above.

Matching Spring Season Ties

Spring ties should be matched with outfits that equally complement the season. Excellent spring suits are those made of linen, seersucker, cotton, as well as thin fine wool. Keep the patterns on shirt and suit delicate and the fabrics light. The same holds true for the footwear. Bulky shoes as well as rubber soles are not suited for sunny spring days – those should be reserved for overcast and rainy days in Fall and Winter. When matching patterend mens ties you may also want to read out tutorial on: Matching Ties