Proper Tie Storage

When it comes to the proper storage of your neckties several things must be considered. First of all, your mens ties must be stored in a way that protects the delicate silk fabric and ensures that the ties stay wrinkle, stain, and odor free. Second, the way you store your ties must be space saving while at the same time give you a good overview of your entire necktie collection. Finally, good tie storage must be easy and practical.

The best way to store your ties is by hanging them. Hanging a necktie ensures that the tie falls back into its original shape, and that creases and wrinkles from the tie knot disappear. Therefore, one of the best ways to store you ties is by using especially made tie racks. Depending on your wardrobe, tie racks in shape of a clothes hanger might be best. Other good options are tie racks that are mounted inside your closet door. If you do not want to invest in a tie rack then a simple clothes hanger would work just as well. Make sure that the clothes hanger is at least ј inch in diameter and is free from any sharp edges. Cheap wire hangers, the ones you get for free with your dry cleaning, are not suited for your tie storage.

If you don’t have room to hang your ties, then rolling them up with the stitching facing inward is another good option. Make sure to store your ties in a dry place that does not get direct sunlight. Because silk is a natural protein fiber, too much sunlight can cause the colors on your tie to fade.

Travelling With Ties

If you regularly travel with suit and ties, we suggest you invest in a travel case for your neckties. Most travel cases hold 4-6 ties and ensure that they stain wrinkle and stain free. Another good option is to roll your ties up and placing them inside your dress shoes. Another great trick is to fold your tie in from each side so that the tie is 1/3 in length. Then place your folded neckties in between some clean dress shirts. If you travel with a garment bag as a carry-on then you may also lay your ties around the collar of one of your dress shirts.

After you arrive at your destination make sure to unpack right away. Hang your suits, dress shirts, and your ties in a well ventilated area and your garment will be wrinkle free by morning. Should some wrinkles still be visible then do the following: Hang your clothes inside the bathroom while taking a hot shower and the steam will de-wrinkles your clothes within a few minutes.