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Brand New Summer Tie Collection 2015

View our latest Summer Tie collection below. On this page we feature all current ties out of several designers’ latest summer collection. Please click on your favorite tie below.

What Makes a "Summer Tie"?

Every season we at receive new shipments from several designers containing their latest seasonal collection. Over the years we found similarities from one year’s summer collection to the next. Typical summer tie colors are bright reds, yellows, rich oranges, lavender, and grass greens. Summer tie colors are a bit more muted than those found in the spring, but are still much brighter than the dryer colors typical for the fall and winter months.

Wearing and Matching a Summer Tie

Summer ties should be complimented with summer suits and shirts. Excellent are classic summer suits in tan, navy, light gray, as well as trendy suits in seersucker. The suit fabric should be lighter to add comfort on warmer days. Besides color and fabric weight, patterns play a role. Typically smaller and finer patterns are popular in the summer, while the fall and winter calls for larger and coarser patterns.