The Kent knot is one of the smallest tie knots and perfect for very thick ties as well as for big & tall men wanting to tie a regular length necktie.


Kent Knot Instructions:

  1. Lay the tie around your neck and turn the wide end over so that the stitching on the wide end faces outward.
  2. Cross the wide end under the narrow end.
  3. Wrap the wide end over the narrow end so that the stitching on both sides faces towards you.
  4. Now wrap the wide end through the loop around your neck and pull through the loop on top of the knot.
  5. Pull the knot tight and give it some final adjustment.

Benefits of the Kent Knot

The main reason why you may want to consider the Kent knot is its size. The knot is small and therefore can be tied with very little of the tie’s length – making it a perfect choice for taller men that want to tie a normal length necktie.