Tie aficionados will insist on a dimpled tie knot. The dimple is a crevice created on top of the knot that adds more texture and better drape to the tie. Knowing how to dimple your tie will differentiate the tie aficionado from the necktie rookie.


Making the dimple is actually quite easy. It is created during the final step of each tie knot, right before the knot is tightened. Before tightening the knot slide in one finger on top of the knot and push down, or pinch with two fingers. Then, while slowly pulling the knot tight pull out the finger. Give the knot a final pinch and the dimple will stay in place.

The dimple will look nice with any tie and any tie knot. We at Mens-Ties.com particularly recommend solid colored ties made from smooth and shiny silk. The dimple will add nice texture and help reflect the sheen of the fine stain silk.