The Prince Albert is a long and thick tie knot. It is perfect for shorter men that want to tie a necktie that is too long. Below are our instructions on how to master the Prince Albert tie knot.


Prince Albert Tie Knot:

  1. Lay the tie around your neck and cross the wide end over the narrow end.
  2. Now wrap the wide end around the narrow end.
  3. Repeat step #2 for a second time, but do not pull too tight. This makes the knot thicker, longer, and it also shortens the tie.
  4. Pull the wide end of the tie between the neck and the tie, and then pull it over the unfinished knot through the loop you created in the previous step.
  5. Pull the knot tight carefully to avoid the different wrappings (step 2 and 3) to unravel.

Styling the Prince Albert Knot

The guide above is the most common way men tie the Prince Albert knot. But, should you be looking for an even larger tie knot, then the Prince Albert can be tied with 3 or even 4 wrappings, making it the biggest tie knot there is. Should this be your preferred tie knot style then please note that you will most likely need a much longer necktie. At we carry most of your neck ties also as extra long ties.

Matching the Prince Albert Knot

Because the Prince Albert is a larger and longer in size, it looks best with medium to wide spread collars. The best ties are modern Italian ties and contemporary foulard patterned ties. The Prince Albert is also excellent for thinner that are difficult to tie into a respectable tie knot.

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