Neckties Sorted by Color

Below is our collection of neckties divided into 19 unique color categories. We at made it easy for you to find the perfect necktie. Especially the soon to be married enjoy our color categories. Finding perfect matching wedding neckties or bow ties has never been easier.

white tiesWhite Ties silver & gray tiesSilver Ties black tiesBlack Ties bright red tiesBright Red Ties red tiesRed Ties burgundy & maroon tiesDark Red Ties light blue tiesLight Blue Ties classic navy blue tiesBlue Ties dark blue tiesDark Blue Ties bright green tiesLime Green Ties green tiesGreen Ties yellow & gold tiesYellow & Gold Ties orange tiesOrange Ties pink tiesPink Ties brown tiesBrown Ties turquoise, teal & aqua tiesTeal &
Turquoise Ties
ties in purple & lavenderPurle Ties ties in ivory, cream & tanTan &
Ivory Ties
multi colored necktiesColorful Ties

Necktie Colors by Season

Each season brings new color into the world of fashion. Although some designers may argue otherwise, the basic seasonal trend in terms of colors has pretty much remained unchanged in the world of mens fashion – including mens ties.

You will get a good indication on what necktie you should be wearing by looking at the colors found in nature. For example: The spring is filled with bright and fresh colors – the perfect time to show your lime green ties, pink ties, or bright orange neckties. During the summer months bright colors stay popular and the lime green and pink from the spring season get complimented with other bright shades of red, lavender, teal, and yellow. During the fall and winter season the colors become more muted. Excellent colors for the fall are dark burnt orange neckties, burgundy red ties, brown ties, and dark yellow and amber-gold neckties – all colors that remind of turning autumn leaves found during the fall season. Finally colors reach the dullest point during the winter months. Despite the lack of bright colors, neckties can still be exciting this time of the year. During the winter months it is not the color on mens neckties that stand out, but instead fashion experts and necktie aficionados use patterns and fabric weaves to create a contrast to shirt and suit. Great colors for the winter months on neckties are dark blues, gray neckties, olive green neckties, and neckties in dark shades of red. Excellent fabric weaves and patterns for winter neckties are herringbone, tartan check, repp striped neckties, as well as knitted wool neckties.

Matching Necktie Colors

When matching colors of shirt, suit, necktie, and other accessories it is important that the colors harmonize with one another. The easiest way to match neckties to shirt and suit is to start with the largest clothing item: The Suit. Most suits are gray, charcoal, navy, tan, or dark green in color – luckily all good base shades that are quite easy to match.

Next take the dress shirt. The white dress shirt will go well with any suit color. Therefore, any man that regularly dresses in suit and necktie should have at least five solid white dress shirts. The second most popular dress shirt color is light to medium blue. It is another dress shirt that will go well with any suit color. Slightly trickier are shirts in tan, green, pink, gray, and black. Tan shirts look good with brown and dark green suits. Green shirts match well with tan, brown, and depending on the shade of green, also with gray suits. Pink dress shirts look good with all basic suit colors except olive and dark browns. Gray and black dress shirts should be matched with suits in the gray to black range. When matching a black dress shirt to a suit it is important to create contrast. A monochromatic look of shirt and suit might be trendy if done correctly, but is typically considered a Faux Pas in traditional mens office wear.

Finally accessorize your suit and shirt with neckties, dress shoes, belt, and – if preferred – also with pocket squares. While the suit and shirt typically are more conservative in traditional suit and tie attire, it is the necktie that is supposed to add more live to the ensemble. The same principle applies as it did to the shirt and suit. The color of the necktie has to balance and harmonize the other clothing items. But, because neckties come in much wilder and louder colors, it is important to also think about the time of the year as well as the occasion when picking a brightly colored necktie. Again, bright colors are typically found in the spring and summer. Evening attire is never suited for bright ties but should be met with a more muted and slightly more conservative necktie color. If the black, gray, or midnight blue necktie is too boring for you, then try a dark burgundy tie instead.

What Color Necktie Looks Best on You?

Even if you are an expert at matching colors on a wardrobe, the ensemble will not look right if the wearer’s color profile and complexion has not been considered. Experts speak of a person’s color profile which is broken down into three categories: High Contrast, Medium Contrast, and Low Contrast Profile. Because this is an often ignored and/or misunderstood part of mens fashion, we at dedicated an entire section to: What Colors Look Good on Me? This guide will not only help you with matching neckties to shirt and suit, but will give you a good understanding why some colors look better on you than others.