Dressing appropriately for a wedding is simple when following a few simple principles. This guide will teach you how to be perfectly dressed for the next wedding you are attending: Whether it is your own, you are part of the wedding party, or you simply enjoy the festivities as a guest.

The Guest’s Wedding Dress Code

Before you pick out an outfit you should check the wedding invitation for any dress code hints. If formal attire is required then the invitation should indicate this. If you cannot find any dress code requirement then you may want to check with someone in the wedding party.

Next, think about the season, time of the day, and the venue itself. An outside wedding in Atlanta, GA during the middle of a hot and humid summer day will require a different type of attire than a wedding in windy, foggy, and chilly San Francisco. Make sure you wear clothes that complement the season.

Formal weddings will require you to wear a suit. A tux is usually too formal unless the invitation specifically calls for a black tie dress code. The best suits for spring and summer weddings are tan, beige, or light gray. Excellent are linen suits for their breathability, uniqueness, and elegance. Accessorize your suit with a necktie and pocket square that complements the season.

Casual wedding attire does not require a suit, but jeans and T-shirt should also not be worn. As a general rule, it is better to slightly overdress than showing up too casual. Dressy slacks, a button down dress shirt, classy loafers, and a sports coat or blazer jacket will make a perfect outfit for a casual wedding. It is a look that is elegant and sporty, yet not too dressy or stuffy.

Dress Code for Groomsmen

If you are part of the wedding party, then dressing will be much easier. The groom or the wife-to-be will tell you what to wear. Typically suits or tuxes are worn which are accessorized with neckties or bow ties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses. If the suits are rented then make sure to check the right fit with plenty of time to spare. Proper fit is most important!