Classic Regimental Ties & Collegiate Striped Ties

Below is our current collection of classic striped ties. Besides the traditional British regimental ties you will find collegiate striped ties, repp-striped ties and other elegant and timeless ties with striped design pattern.

Striped Tie in Dark Navy and Light BlueStriped Tie in Dark Navy and Light Blue$9.90 Navy and Green Striped TieNavy and Green Striped Tie$9.90 Orange and Navy Regimental TieOrange and Navy Regimental Tie$9.90 Regimental Blue and Yellow TieRegimental Blue and Yellow Tie$9.90 Periwinkle Blue and Brown TiePeriwinkle Blue and Brown Tie$9.90 Navy and Yellow Striped TieNavy and Yellow Striped Tie$9.90 British Tie in Dark Burgundy and NavyBritish Tie in Dark Burgundy and Navy$34.90 Red and Black TieRed and Black Tie$9.90 Summer Striped Tie in Grass Green and WhiteSummer Striped Tie in Grass Green and Wh..$9.90 Silver and White Ribbed Textured Striped TieSilver and White Ribbed Textured Striped..$9.90 Striped Bright Red and White TieStriped Bright Red and White Tie$14.90 Dark Green and Blue Regimental TieDark Green and Blue Regimental Tie$34.90 Trendy Tan and Blue Striped TieTrendy Tan and Blue Striped Tie$18.90 Striped Tie in Dark Red and GreyStriped Tie in Dark Red and Grey$14.90 Traditional Striped Tie Yellow NavyTraditional Striped Tie Yellow Navy$34.90 Teal and Blue Designer TieTeal and Blue Designer Tie$18.90 Dark Navy British Repp TieDark Navy British Repp Tie$24.90 Green and Purple Striped TieGreen and Purple Striped Tie$24.90 Classy Striped Tie in Dark EggplantClassy Striped Tie in Dark Eggplant$18.90 Red and Navy Striped TieRed and Navy Striped Tie$34.90 Striped Tie in Bright RedStriped Tie in Bright Red$24.90 Charcoal and Fern Green TieCharcoal and Fern Green Tie$9.90 Modern Red and Grey Striped TieModern Red and Grey Striped Tie$14.90 Striped Red, Gold, and Blue British Regimental TieStriped Red, Gold, and Blue British Regi..$34.90 Red and Blue Regimental TieRed and Blue Regimental Tie$34.90 Spring and Summer Tie in Yellow-Orange and WhiteSpring and Summer Tie in Yellow-Orange a..$9.90 Modern Repp Striped Tie in Blue and SilverModern Repp Striped Tie in Blue and Silv..$9.90 Lapis and Purple Striped TieLapis and Purple Striped Tie$18.90 British Striped Tie in Navy, GoldBritish Striped Tie in Navy, Gold$34.90 Regimental Tie in Dark GreenRegimental Tie in Dark Green$34.90 Regimental Striped Tie in Dark RedRegimental Striped Tie in Dark Red$34.90 Striped Necktie in Two BluesStriped Necktie in Two Blues$24.90 British Tie in Dark BrownBritish Tie in Dark Brown$24.90 Vivid Poppy Tie in Modern Regimental StyleVivid Poppy Tie in Modern Regimental Sty..$14.90 Black and Red Striped Men\'s TieBlack and Red Striped Men's Tie$9.90 Mens Navy and Lilac Striped TieMens Navy and Lilac Striped Tie$14.90 Striped Tie in OrangeStriped Tie in Orange$14.90 Classic Red and White TieClassic Red and White Tie$18.90 Slim Stiped Tie in Navy and GreenSlim Stiped Tie in Navy and Green$18.90 British Tie in Dark Russet RedBritish Tie in Dark Russet Red$18.90 Slim Designer Necktie by BlackBirdSlim Designer Necktie by BlackBird$18.90 Trendy Striped Tie in Brown and TealTrendy Striped Tie in Brown and Teal$9.90 Navy and Graphite Grey TieNavy and Graphite Grey Tie$24.90 Red and Navy Blue Regimental TieRed and Navy Blue Regimental Tie$34.90 British Tie in Gold, Navy and GreenBritish Tie in Gold, Navy and Green$18.90 Black, Silver and Green Striped TieBlack, Silver and Green Striped Tie$18.90 Handsome Yellow and Charcoal Striped TieHandsome Yellow and Charcoal Striped Tie$24.90 Modern Striped Tie in Kelly Green and TealModern Striped Tie in Kelly Green and Te..$9.90 Handsome Striped Tie in Teal and EspressoHandsome Striped Tie in Teal and Espress..$14.90 Yellow and Blue Striped TieYellow and Blue Striped Tie$14.90 Traditional Midnight Blue Striped TieTraditional Midnight Blue Striped Tie$24.90 Regimental Tie Navy and GreenRegimental Tie Navy and Green$34.90 Modern Red Designer Silk TieModern Red Designer Silk Tie$18.90 Teal Striped TieTeal Striped Tie$24.90 Fern Green Striped TieFern Green Striped Tie$18.90 Regimental Striped Tie in Red and NavyRegimental Striped Tie in Red and Navy$34.90 All American Red and Blue TieAll American Red and Blue Tie$18.90 British Striped Tie in Avocado and NavyBritish Striped Tie in Avocado and Navy$18.90 Men\'s Striped Tie in AcornMen's Striped Tie in Acorn$24.90 Indigo and Pastel Blue Striped TieIndigo and Pastel Blue Striped Tie$24.90 Pea Green Tie in Stripes of Blue and RedPea Green Tie in Stripes of Blue and Red$14.90 Repp Striped Tie in Purple and GrayRepp Striped Tie in Purple and Gray$9.90 Striped Tie in Black and PurpleStriped Tie in Black and Purple$24.90 Dark Burgundy Striped TieDark Burgundy Striped Tie$24.90 Bright Blue and Silver Striped TieBright Blue and Silver Striped Tie$18.90 Striped Tie in Blues and GreensStriped Tie in Blues and Greens$24.90 Striped Tie in Dark Brown, Lilac and ChampagneStriped Tie in Dark Brown, Lilac and Cha..$24.90 Vibrant Striped Tie in Red, White and BlueVibrant Striped Tie in Red, White and Bl..$24.90 Men\'s Necktie in Navy and GreenMen's Necktie in Navy and Green$24.90 Wide Striped Regimental Tie in NavyWide Striped Regimental Tie in Navy$18.90 Classic Prep Stripe in Deep NavyClassic Prep Stripe in Deep Navy$29.90 Savvy Striped Tie in Teals and GreensSavvy Striped Tie in Teals and Greens$24.90 Espresso and Mauve-Pink Striped NecktieEspresso and Mauve-Pink Striped Necktie$9.90 Dark Moss and Silver Men\'s TieDark Moss and Silver Men's Tie$9.90 Brown and Lavender Stripe TieBrown and Lavender Stripe Tie$9.90 Mens Silk Tie in Bright GreenMens Silk Tie in Bright Green$18.90 Mahogany Striped Tie in Regimental StyleMahogany Striped Tie in Regimental Style$18.90 Trendy Repp Stripe Tie in Red and BlueTrendy Repp Stripe Tie in Red and Blue$9.90

The Story of the British Regimental Tie

The striped design is one of the most popular patterns found on a men’s necktie. It is elegant, classic, timeless, and a perfect way to add several color shades to shirt and suit. The classic striped tie, the one that is commonly associated with Ivy-league schools, brooks brothers, and rowing clubs, originated in the late 19th century in England. The design originated when British sports and country clubs started to use colors, known as regiments, to differentiate from one another. Initially these colors were displayed on crests and flags but soon after were also displayed on neckties worn with pride by its members. Later on, military regiments also created neckties that displayed the regiments color. Particularly British rifle brigades became known for their unique striped neckties – some of which are still being made, worn, and collected today. Some of the most famous British regimental ties are from the East Yorkshire, The Royal British army, the Royal Tank division, the British medical corps, and the British light infantry. Later on crests were could also be added to these regimental mens ties – thanks to the invention of the Jacquard loom by Joseph Marie Jacquard.

Best Tie Knots for Regimental Ties

Classic British striped ties, as the ones displayed above, are best matched with a classic tie knot. A perfect match for these regimental ties is the simple four in Hand knot. The four in Hand is an asymmetric looking tie knot that is narrow and small in size. The four in Hand is the oldest of all the classic tie knots that are still being tied today. It was invented by British horsemen in the 1880s trying to tie a neck scarf with one hand while holding the reigns of 4 horses pulling the carriage in the other – hence the name “Four in Hand”.

Matching Regimental Ties to Shirt & Suit

The classic regimental tie can be matched with a wide range of suits and dress shirts. The classic and timeless look instantly adds more sophistication to any shirt and suit. Best are classic 2 and 3 button suit cuts. Also perfect are sport coats and blazer jackets. Ideal are traditional suit fabrics such as fine wool in the summer months and heavier tweed in the colder fall and winter season. The best dress shirts are white, tan, and blue and either made from fine cotton or a coarser looking oxford cloth. Button down collars and narrow blue & white striped dress shirts are also excellent for regimental ties. When matching the regimental tie to shirt and suit think conservative British rather than stylish Italian.