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Boys Ties

Below is our current assortment of neckties made for boys. Our boys ties are 46-48 inches in lengths and will fit kids between the ages 6 and 11. All our boys’ ties are also available as a matching adult length tie.

What is the Proper Length for Your Son’s Tie?

There are three things that determine the length of a tie you will need. The first and most important is your son’s height. Second is the neck size, and finally there is the type of tie knot. All our boys ties featured above are 46-48 inches in length and will fit boys between the ages 6 and 11, or up to a height of 5 feet. For taller boys and for boy’s with a stronger neck size we suggest a normal adult length necktie.

Teaching Your Son to Tie a Tie

All our boys ties featured above are self-tied neckties making it a perfect occasion to teach your son How to Tie a Tie – skill your son will carry through life. We at understand how important it can be to dress father and son in matching neckties. Classic occasions are weddings where the groomsmen all wear ties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was also a matching tie for the ring bear? Well, at we carry all our best selling wedding ties in three different lengths: normal mens tie, boys tie, and as extra long ties for the big and tall men.