Classic Black Bow Ties

Below is our collection of bow ties in black. At we carry black bow ties as pre-tied bows, self-tied bows, and we also carry matching sets of bow ties and pocket squares.

Black Bow Ties & Black Tie Attire

Black is the most common bow tie color. It is a formal, elegant, and timeless style that is part of traditional Black Tie Dress Code. Typically a self-tied black bow tie is the first choice neckwear for a black tie dress code. For men that do not attend black tie functions on a regular basis the pre-tied bow tie might offer a convenient alternative. Above we carry both styles.

Styles of Black Bow Ties

Besides the self-tied and pre-tied style, there are several different shapes of bow ties available. Most common is the so-called butterfly bow tie that traditionally has a bow spread of 2-2.5 inches. Larger butterfly bow ties are available and typically best worn by men with a larger neck and face. Besides the butterfly bow, there are bow ties with pointed tips as well as the more narrow spread batwing bow tie.