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Striped Ties

We at divided our collection of striped ties into four categories: Modern striped ties, ties with wide stripes, narrow striped ties, and classic regimental striped ties. Please pick your favorite striped tie collection:

How to Wear Striped Ties

Without doubt, the striped necktie is the most popular design in a business man’s tie collection. Striped ties are classic, elegant, and perfectly suited for a traditional business setting. Although it is personal preference which striped tie you choose, there are a few basic rules you should follow when matching the striped tie to shirt and suit.

Matching Patterns With Striped Ties

While it is easy to match a striped necktie with a solid suit and shirt, eventually you may want to experiment with more patterns and fabric weaves. Combining different patterns on shirts, suits, ties, and pocket squares will add more depth to your ensemble, and if done well, differentiates the “necktie rookie” from the true tie aficionado. The most important to follow when matching patterns: Make sure that the patterns are different in size and in some cases even different in shape. Therefore, a fine striped necktie would look excellent on a large check patterned dress shirt. For more information on matching ties to shirts and suits you may also want to view our samples on Shirt and Tie Combinations

Matching Colors & Striped Ties

When it comes to mens formal as well as mens business fashion little color is shown on the suit and only some is shown on the shirt. Therefore, color and contrast is usually added through accessories such as mens ties as well as pocket squares. Make sure that the colors harmonize with the rest of the outfit. Solid white shirts will go with any striped tie – and any tie in general. If you prefer to wear a colored dress shirt then make sure that the colors on shirt and tie harmonize. In case you are not certain then here is a little trick that ensures a perfect color match: Choose a shirt in a color that is close to one of the colors found on the stripes of the tie. For example: A cherry red tie with powder blue stripes would match perfect with a light blue dress shirt. For more information you may also read our guide on: What Colors Look Good on Me

Tie Knots for Striped Ties

The short answer is any as long as the knot matches the collar type of the dress shirt. Make sure that you choose a tie knot that fits inside the collar spread. A wide spread color for example looks excellent with a wider and larger tie knot such as the Double Windsor Knot. For very classic and traditional ties such as British striped ties, Collegiate striped ties, or Regimental Ties a smaller and classic tie knot such as the Four in Hand knot looks best – especially when paired with a button down collared dress shirt. For more information on matching tie knots as well as tying neckties, please view our guide on: How to Tie a Necktie