Purple Ties

Below we are featuring our current collection of ties in purple, violet, and lavender. Click on your favorite purple tie below for tips on how to match it to shirt and suit, to see a larger picture, as well as to purchase the tie.

Guide to Wearing Purple Ties

Purple is not for everyone. Although purple ties have become quite popular over the past several months few men actually appreciate this color on a necktie. Depending on the actual shade, purple ties look superb with gray and charcoal suits. Lighter shades such as lavender and violet also look excellent when paired with classic navy blue suits. The best shirt colors for purple ties are classic white or in a color that harmonizes with one of the accent color found on the necktie.

Different Shades of Purple

Above you will find ties that range from a light lavender to a dark eggplant purple. We at Mens-Ties.com are confident you will find the perfect purple tie. We carry ties in: lavender, violet, indigo, eggplant, fandango, purple, iris, and more. Should you not find the color purple you are looking for from the selection of purple ties above then you may also want to visit our assortment of Pink Ties

The Meaning of Purple

Purple has a unique effect on people. Scientists and psychologists have found that purple sparks creativity in people, it offers a sense of spirituality, and also has a calming effect. Purple is commonly women’s most favorite color. In addition purple is a common theme colors for weddings.