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Trendy Skinny Ties

Below is our current assortment of skinny ties. All ties featured below are less than 2.5 inches in width. For more information including matching tips, please click on your favorite skinny tie below.

Dress Code for Skinny Ties

A tie is considered a “skinny tie” if it has a width of less than 2.75 inches. Before tying your skinny tie and pairing it with the next best suit and shirt, you may want to familiarize yourself with a few dress tips. First of all, skinny ties look best on thin and tall men. If you are a heavy set man and have a larger neck size then the skinny tie will look like you are strangling on a piece of robe. The skinny tie will simply look out of proportion. Thus, your best bet is to lose a few pounds before exploring the skinny tie look.

Secondly, the width of the necktie should be matched to the width of the jacket’s lapels. Thus, a skinny tie looks best with a modern cut suit that has thin lapels. Thirdly, the jacket style that best suits the skinny tie has a 2 or 3 button cut and is single breasted.

Now that we covered the best suit/jacket style let’s have a look at the best dress shirt for the skinny tie. Because skinny ties look best on thin men, the shirt should be slim-fitted and tapered at the waist. Also important is the shirt collar. Because skinny ties make a smaller tie knot the dress shirt should have a narrow to medium-spread collar. Regardless of the tie’s width, the knot should always fill the gap between the shirt’s collars.

Now let’s have a look at the best colors and patterns for skinny ties. Always excellent are solid colored skinny ties. Popular patterns are modern checks, tartans, as well as modern stripes. Most skinny ties are made from silk, or a man-made equivalent, but an excellent alternative are knitted skinny ties made from wool or cotton. Finally, there is the option to accessorize the skinny tie with a tie clip or tie bar. Both are excellent accessories that add elegance, sophistication, and highlight your sense of style.

The Best Tie Knots for Skinny Ties

No matter how much you like the thicker look of the double Windsor knot, skinny ties are best matched with a smaller and more asymmetric looking tie knot. One of the best knots for skinny ties, and also one that is easiest to tie, is the four in Hand knot. For more information you may also want to visit out guide on How to Tie a Tie