Pink Ties

Below is our current assortment of neckties in pink. Besides the elegant solid pink tie you will find pink ties with classic stripes, modern paisley pattern, as well as playful polka dot designs. Click on your favorite pink tie.

Why Men Wear Pink Ties

Pink is no longer a color that is exclusively reserved for women. Although men typically only choose smaller accessories in pink, the color pink has found a stable place in the modern man’s wardrobe since the glamour times of the 1980s. In today’s mens fashion the color pink is found on polo shirts, shorts, sandals, dress shirts, and also neckties. One of the most well known pink tie wearers is business tycoon Donald Trump.

Guide to Wearing Pink Ties

The pink tie is a perfect spring and summer tie. It looks excellent with any gray to charcoal colored suit, suits in any shade of navy, tan, and seersucker. The best dress shirt colors are classic white or any pastel colored dress shirt that complements any of the accent colors found on the necktie. For more matching tips please click on one of the ties above and read the detailed product description.

The Meaning of the Color Pink

Pink is a color made up from red and white. It therefore combines the purity of the color white with the passion and excitement of red. Thus, pink is said to be a romantic, passionate, and innocent color. Pink encourages people to be kind, loving, compassionate, and caring.

Different Shades of Pink

The spectrum of pink ranges from a very pale rose to a rich magenta. Above you will find pink ties in shades such as: coral-pink, magenta, hot-pink, guava-pink, tea-rose, watermelon, Cerise-pink, salmon-pink, cherry-blossom, and much more.