Multicolored Ties & Colorful Ties

Looking to add some color to shirt and suit? Then our multicolored ties below might be the perfect accessory. Click on your favorite tie below for matching tips, to see a larger picture, as well as to purchase the tie.

Color Guide for Suit, Shirt, & Tie

Can’t decide on a particular necktie color? Then the multicolored tie above might offer a good compromise between several color shades. Because the ties above carry a wide range of colors we suggest pairing it with a shirt that complements one of the shades found on the ties. A multicolored necktie in purple, lime-green, red, and light blue would look nice on a matching light blue dress shirt for example.

What Color Tie Suits Which Season?

When trying to figure out what color tie to wear one has to consider the other clothing items, the occasion, and the season of the year. When it comes to season, a good indicator of what is in style is nature itself. The spring is typically greeted with fresh and lively colors such as bright yellows, orange, lime-green, and baby-blue. The summer season uses richer colors of bright pinks, red, orange, and blue. The fall is perfectly accessorized with ties in amber, brown, gray, burnt-orange, maroon, and burgundy. The winter season is best paired with neckties in dark brown, black, gray, olive, and navy. For more information you may also want to read our tutorial on Matching Ties