Bright Red Ties

Below is our entire collection of men’s ties in bright red color. Besides the solid bright red tie you will find red ties with stripes, intricate foulard patterns, paisley designs and much more. 

Matching Bright Red Ties to Shirt & Suit

The bright red tie is often times considered the ultimate “power tie”. It is not surprising that the bright solid red silk tie is the favorite fashion accessory for business Tycoons such as Donald Trump. If you are looking for a bold fashion statement then the solid red tie made from shiny sateen silk will be the perfect choice. The boldness of this tie will especially come to live when paired with a contrasting white dress shirt and a dark gray, midnight blue, or solid black suit. For a more subtle, slightly less daring look, we at carry a wide selection of bright red ties with intricate foulard pattern, classic striped designs, and paisley patterns.

The Psychology of the Color Red

Red is a very powerful color that has more personal associations than any other shade. Red evokes excitement, brings out energy, and adds enthusiasm. Psychologist also found that the color red encourages action and stimulates confidence. It is not surprising that the ultimate “power tie” is bright red in color. Too much red however can create anxiety and evoke nervousness. Therefore, only smaller accessories such as neckties and pocket squares should be bright red in color.