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Modern & Trendy Striped Ties

Below is our current collection of modern striped ties from the current collection of many well known designer brands.

Best Designer for Modern Striped Ties

Several of our designers instantly come to mind when thinking about a modern striped necktie. Especially our three Italian design brands: Cavallieri, Piccini and Tino Cosma come to mind – all designers that incorporate bright and modern colors with very intricate and out of the ordinary striped designs. Also regularly featured above is German tie designer Laco – a brand that has been making neckties for over 150 years out of Hamburg, Germany. Finally, there is necktie maker Parsley – a designer that is usually recognized by a more simplistic 2 and 3-tone design on their striped ties.

How to Wear Trendy Striped Ties

The modern striped tie looks best with modern suit cuts and larger dimpled tie knots. Excellent are 3-button, single-breasted suit jackets. Also perfect are three piece suits consisting of suit, matching pants, and matching vest. What matters is that each clothing item (color, cut, and fabric pattern) harmonizes with the modern look of the necktie. Also well suited are certain accessories such as pocket squares and an elegant pair of matching cufflinks.