Men’s Ties in Gold & Yellow

Looking for a tie in yellow or gold? Then we are confident you will find the perfect tie from our selection of yellow and gold ties below. 

The Different Shades of Yellow

Yellow is not just yellow. In fact there are dozens of different shades of yellow available in men’s fashion. Typically the darker shades of yellow are less flashy and more conservative while the bright and golden yellow ties are more attention grapping, exciting, yet also flashier and are by some considered less professional. Above you will find a wide range of yellow neckties such as: pale vanilla-yellow, bright lemon-yellow, sunflower yellow, amber-yellow, gold, maize-yellow, key-lime yellow, sunbeam yellow, and neon-yellow. Should you not find the shade of yellow or gold you are looking for then contact us for options on custom designed neckties.

Matching Yellow Ties

When we talk about matching a tie we not only speak about the other clothing items. Besides matching the color to shirt and suit, the tie color should be matched to the season, to the wearer’s color profile, as well as to the occasion. Typically brighter shades of yellow look best in the spring and summer season, while darker yellows, the type that remind of turning autumn leaves, look best during the fall and early parts of winter.

Yellow ties look excellent with navy-blue suits. Besides the navy suit, yellow neckties can be well paired with gray, tan, and charcoal suits. The best dress shirt colors, besides white, for yellow mens ties are tan, pastel-blue, and depending on the shade of yellow, even black.

The Meaning of Yellow

Yellow is a very friendly and enlightening color. It is commonly associated with happiness, optimism, good fortune, and a promising future. Scientists have even proven that the color yellow stimulates the nervous system, activates memory, and encourages communication.