Ties in dark Red, Burgundy & Maroon

Below is our current collection of neckties in dark reds such as burgundy, maroon, chestnut-red, wine-red, and more. Click on your favorite necktie below for a larger image and for tips on how to match it to shirt and suit.

Shades of Dark Red

The classic dark red is called burgundy. Above you will find dozens of burgundy red ties. In addition there are ties in maroon, chestnut-red, rust-red, wine-red, sangria-red, carmine-red, brick-red, and more. If you are looking for a very specific shade of red then you may also want to have a look at our assortment of bright red ties as well as our collection of classic red ties. Still not funding what you are looking for? Then contact us and inquire about custom design and color options.

Basic Tips for Matching Dark Red Ties

The dark red tie will look excellent in any season. Although these mens ties are considered “season-less” they look exceptionally well during the fall season. Especially brownish reds such as maroon, chestnut, and rust are perfect for the fall since they remind of colors found on turning leaves during the autumn months.

All classic suit colors will compliment the dark red ties. Especially navy-blue and charcoal suits compliment ties in burgundy and maroon. Colors to avoid are bright shades and pastel tones – hues that are typically associated with the spring season and found on dress shirts, pocket squares or neckties itself.