Men’s Ties in Dark Blue & Midnight Blue

Below is our current collection of men’s ties in dark blue. You will find dark and midnight blue ties in solid color, with stripes, polka dots, paisley designs, and much more.

Timeless & Classy: Matching the Dark Blue Tie

The dark blue and navy blue tie is the most popular necktie in men’s fashion. It the most popular tie color found in business, and even in semi-formal situations the midnight blue tie is a common alternative to the solid black necktie.

Dark blue ties will match any suit color and will match with shirts in classic white, gray, tan, and yellow. Because the dark blue tie is so versatile it is typically not color-matching that poses a challenge, but the patterns. As a general rule when matching different fabric patterns: Make sure that the patterns on each clothing item are different in size and preferably also in style. For example: A wide striped midnight blue tie would look excellent on top of white shirt with fine blue check pattern.

Different Dark Blue Shades

The most common dark blue shades are navy-blue and midnight blue. Above you will find dozen of dark blue ties ranging from a dark sapphire-blue to an almost black midnight-blue. If you are looking for a slightly lighter shade of blue then we suggest you visit our collection of Blue Ties as well as our assortment of Light Blue Ties