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Pocket squares are the perfect complement to suit and tie. We at divided our collection of pocket squares in three groups: formal and solid colored pocket squares, casual and patterned pocket squares, as well as matching bow tie and pocket square sets.

Formal vs. Casual Pocket Squares

Pocket squares make an excellent accessory when dressed in suit and tie. They set nice contrast and are a perfect clothing item to add more color, contrast, and individuality. Experts differentiate between two different types of pocket squares: formal pocket squares and casual pocket squares. For the most part, formal pocket squares are solid in color and are typically white, cream, or ivory. They are a perfect accessory for black tie dress code or avant-garde business look. Pocket squares displaying more patterns and colors are less formal and perfect accessory for a sophisticated ensemble. These pocket squares not only look excellent with 2, or 3-piece suit, but also with sports coats and blazer jackets.

Matching Pocket Squares

The pocket square color has to match and harmonize the other clothing pieces while still setting a contrast to the jacket. Because many men want a pocket square that matches their necktie or bow tie, we at carry many of our pocket squares also as matching neckties or bow ties.

Although many men want to match the pocket square color to their tie it is not a requirement by any means. In fact, knowing how to pair different colors and different patterns of pocket squares to shirt, suit, and tie shows individuality and an understanding of fashion and style. For more information you may also want to read our guide on: Shirt and Tie Combinations

Folding Techniques for Pocket Squares

Just like men have many different choices in how to tie a necktie, there are many ways to fold a pocket square. We at created a tutorial that will not only help you master the art of folding pocket squares, but will also give you a better understanding on matching the type of pocket square fold to dress code and the ensemble. For more information we invite you to visit our guide on How to Fold a Pocket Square