Silver Ties

Below is our most recent collection of neckties in light gray and silver. For more information on each tie, such as matching tips, please click on your favorite silver tie below.

Guide to Wearing Silver Ties

Silver is one of the most festive tie colors. Especially solid color silver ties made from shiny sateen silk are one of the most festive tie choices a man could choose. They will make an excellent alternative to formal bow ties when dressing with a black suit instead of a tuxedo. If you are invited to a event calling for “Black Tie Optional” or “Black Tie Preferred” then a solid black suit, white dress shirt, and a solid silver silk tie with matching silver pocket square would make a very elegant and a more than acceptable ensemble.

Picking a Tie: Silver vs. Gray

Above is our collection of silver and gray ties. Which color you choose is a question of personal preference, dress code, and the suit style/color you chose to wear. As a general rule silver ties are more elegant than gray, and the shinier the fabric the more elegant it will appear.

Psychology of Colors: The Meaning of the Color Silver

Psychologists have studied the effects of colors on humans in much detail. Each color evokes certain feelings in the observer – something that fashion designers as well as interior architects consider in much detail when working on a particular collection or project.

Silver is a very elegant color that is often times associated with wealth and prosperity, but also with responsibility, respect, and dignity. Silver and gray evoke very similar feelings in the observer although silver is considered to be a more “light hearted” and optimistic color.