Men's Ties in Light Blue

Below is our entire selection of light blue ties. Besides the elegant solid light blue tie you will find light blue ties with stripes, paisleys, polka dots, and other intricate patterns. Click on your favorite light blue tie below for a larger image and for tips on how to match the tie to shirt and suit.

Shades of Light Blue

Above you will find light blue ties ranging from a very pale Alice-blue to a darker dodger-blue. Which light blue tie you choose is purely personal preference. At we know how important the right color can be. This is particularly important when matching neckties for the wedding party to the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. All our tie pictures are professionally taken and resemble the true color as closely as possible. Should you not be 100% certain if a particular light blue tie matches, then simply order several different light blue ties and return the non-matching ties back to us. At we offer a flexible return policy with no restocking fees.

Matching the Light Blue Tie

The light blue tie will match all the classic suit and shirt colors. Even though you will have many options when matching one of the light blue ties above, we like suits in light gray, navy, charcoal, and tan the most. For more tips on how to match a particular light blue tie, please click on your favorite light blue tie above.

Dress Code & Seasons for Light Blue Ties

Typically the light blue tie is spotted in the spring and summer. Light blue is a fresh and friendly color that is best complemented with the warm and sunny days. Therefore, we suggest reserving the light blue ties for the months from March through August. Also, the light blue tie should be worn during the day. Evening attire is best greeted with darker and more formal looking necktie colors.