Black Ties

Below is our current collection of men’s ties in black. Please click on your favorite black tie below to see a larger image and to get some great ideas on how to match this tie to shirt and suit.

Guide to Wearing a Black Tie

Black is the most formal of all tie colors. For a reason we speak of a dress called “black tie” – one of the most formal dress codes that traditionally consists of a black tux and a solid black bow tie. Even though black bow ties are the traditional choice of neckwear for the black tie dress code, a solid black necktie could be a great alternative when paired with a black or charcoal gray suit. Typically this slightly dressed down version is more than acceptable for “black tie optional” functions. Strict black tie attire on the other hand should be greeted with a traditional tux and bow tie.

The black tie is best matched with the classic colors white, gray, charcoal, silver, and black. For a more formal look the black tie should be worn with a classic white dress shirt and charcoal-gray or solid black suit. Should you look for a trendier and slightly less rigid look then the solid black tie can be paired with a monochromatic ensemble consisting of black dress shirt and black suit.

Meanings & Psychology of the Color Black

Psychologists and designers have studied the effects of colors on people in much detail. Every color evokes certain emotions. Black is considered to be authoritative and powerful. In addition it evokes a sense of potential and possibility. Black is a very popular color for clothing because it is elegant, timeless, and also has a thinning effect. For a reason fashion experts say that “Black makes thin”.