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Narrow Striped Ties

Looking for a necktie with narrow stripes? Then below is our most recent collection of fine striped and narrow striped ties:

Matching the Narrow Striped Tie

When matching a necktie with narrow stripes all the same matching principles apply as with other mens ties. Most important are colors and pattern when matching a necktie to shirt and suit. Colors have to set a contrast to shirt and suit but still need to harmonize. They also have to match the wearer’s color profile – also known as complexion of skin and hair color. For more information you may also see our dress tutorial titled: What Colors Look Good on Me.

Ties with narrow stripes can be worn with a wide range of shirt and suit patterns. What matters most is that the patterns are different in size. Therefore, one of the narrow striped ties featured above could be worn with a striped dress shirt as long as the stripes are different in size and width. Best however, are solid dress shirts, shirts with unique fabric weaves, such as oxford cloth and herringbone, as well as shirts with larger check patterns.

A Note on Colors for Narrow Striped Ties

Most narrow striped ties pair two or three colors. When matching these ties make sure that one of the colors on the tie is also found in the shirt or suit, or in other accessories such as the pocket square. The color does not have to be an exact match, but should be part of the same family. A good example is a pink tie with narrow light blue stripes worn on top of a light blue dress shirt.