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Extra Long Ties – XL Ties for the Big & Tall Man

Need a longer length tie? Then below is our entire assortment of extra long neckties made with the big & tall man in mind.

Who Needs Extra Long Ties?

As the name suggests, extra long ties are for extra tall men. A normal length necktie typically has an untied length of 56-59 inches and will be the right fit for over 95% of the male population. Tall men however, men above 6 foot 3 inches that is, often times need a longer length necktie. If this describes you then we at have the right fitting tie.

All our extra long ties range from 61 to 63 inches and will be the right fit for men above 6 foot 3 inches, for men with a larger (17+ inch) neck size, and for those that also like larger tie knots. If you are still uncertain whether or not you will need an XL length tie then this simple formula will help you: take your height in inches and add your neck size in inches. Then add one inch for the Four in Hand, the half Windsor knot, and the Pratt knot. Add 2 inches for the Double Windsor knot and the Shelby knot. If this number exceeds 92 inches then your will need an extra long neck tie.

What is the Proper Tie Length?

A tie should be tied so that the tip ends near the center of the belt buckle. In addition the tie should be long enough to allow the narrow end to be tugged through the loop at the back of the tie – something that will keep both ends from dangling around.