Green Ties

Below is our collection of classic green ties. You will find dark greens such as hunter-green and forest-green, as well as slightly brighter green shades such as Kelly-green and grass-green. Click on your favorite green tie below for more information and matching tips.

Different Shades of Green

The human eye can distinguish between hundreds of different shades of green. In mens fashion at least two dozen of different greens are common. They range from light pastel greens to darker forest greens. Our selection of mens ties above features all our dark green ties. Above you will find shades like British-green, dark Kelly-green, Irish-Green, Forest-Green, dark Sage-Green, Holly-green, Clover-green, Olive, Pine-Green, Asparagus, Army-green, Emerald Green, and more. If none of the ties match the color you are looking for then you might also want to check out our collection of Lime Green Ties

Psychology of Colors: The Meaning of Green

Psychologists speak of the “Meaning of Colors” and they have studied in detail what emotional effects colors have on us. The color green is, right after blue, our second most favorite color. Natural greens such as pine-green, apple-green, forest-green, and so on are said to have tranquilizing and calming effects on us. More “artificial” looking greens, such as bright neon-green, on the other hand has the opposite effect. These shades are said to evoke negative emotions and are commonly associated with illness and discomfort.

How to Match Green Ties

How you match your green tie depends on the season. Light green ties are typically better suited for daytime attire and for the spring and summer season. Darker greens on the other hand, like the ties featured above, are best for the fall and winter months.

The dark green ties featured above look excellent with suits in brown, gray, and navy. For more information on how to match a particular tie please click on your favorite tie above. We at look at every tie and match it to shirt, suit, as well as other accessories.