The Top Five Trends of London Fashion Week 2013


The Men’s London Fashion Week just wrapped up with some very hot trends emerging. We’ve looked at all the designs and have compiled the top five trends in menswear fashion for 2013 to keep an eye out for and incorporate into your fashion look. The Best Trends of 2013…drum roll please… are listed below. In this five part series we’ve dived into how to make these runway trends work for you off the runway.


Check Patterns
The check pattern has been around since the beginning of menswear fashion. It is nothing new. But designers are taking a modern approach to the timeless pattern and changing its scale and its color. Start thinking about investing in a large scale check patterned jacket.

The Perfect Trench

Androgynous Fashion
Androgynous Style can sound off-putting for men but have no fear -this is a utilitarian trend that embraces minimalism and masculinity. 2013 is going to be a year of muted colors, sleek tailoring and simple and contemporary fashion designs.

Bright Orange Accessorizing

Blaze Orange
Blaze Orange is making a strong statement on the runway in all facets ranging from three piece suits to small scale accessories. We aren’t suggesting you go head-to-toe orange but we definitely recommend finding some key pieces in bright orange to accent your fundamentals.


Vintage Tailoring
The Vintage Style was very noticeable on the runway in terms of patterns, styles, fabrics and tailoring. The top designers were definitely inspired by some timeless pieces and incorporated those into their 2013 collections. We always love when that happens because we can sometimes dodge the designer price tags and actually shop vintage.


The Sporty Sportman
There was a component of sporty outdoors men style at the Mens Fashion Week in London. We saw plenty of hats, red and black plaids and boots. This is a hot trend that is sure to look fashionable and keep you downright cozy during the cold, drizzly winter months.

Embrace the Trends of 2013!

Your Mens-Ties Team

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